UScan Web Spider Software
UScan Web Spider  software is a simple and convenient software utility which fetches all relevant information like the title, metadata, meta-description etc. from a given web page. For more details click here

Evaluation version of the software will run for 7 days. After the evaluation period, some of the functionality ( sitemap xml generation) will get disabled. You need to Purchase ( Register ) the software to make it fully functional. Once you purchased the software we will send you the registration key which will make the software fully functional after the evaluation period.

Cost of the software is 15 USD. Purchase the software from the appropriate link below.

Main Features

Fetches all the relevant SEO information of the given web page like page tittle, meta tags, meta description etc
Find the loading time of the given web page.
Export the web page links and other information as a sitemap xml file or as a csv file.

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