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As the world is progressing more towards automating routine tasks , companies are finding more cost effective ways of performing a given task by developing smarter solutions. The filed of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one area where lot of research and development is going in many parts of the world to develop technologies that can reduce manual intervention and to create more effective system compared to its old traditional approach. 

We at KTS is keeping track of all the technological advancements in AI and related fields since 2008 and are providing AI , Object Recognition, Computer Vision, Object Tracking , Bio-metric , OCR , ANPR Technology Solutions to our customers.The AI | Object Tracking Solutions developed include

1. Face Recognition | Finger Print Solutions
2. OCR | ANPR | Data Extraction Solution
3. Vehicle Type Detection Solutions
4. Traffic Management Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems
5. Computer Vision | Object Tracking solutions for Robotic Arms

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