Quick Facts About KTS
Year of Incorporation
Area of Specialization :
Outsourced Software Development, Software Product Engineering, Custom Software Solutions,R&D Services and IT Training.
Major Technology Specialization
Desktop Application Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Networking Applications Development, SNMP Applications Development, Engineering Related software Solutions, Plug-in Development, Device Driver Development, Graphics Programming. To see the complete list of tools and technologies we have worked on, click here.
Number Of Employees  
20 + , all are good English speaking graduates or post graduates in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Physics or Mathematics. 
Number of IT Projects
More than400 + IT Projects Executed in different technology areas in Desktop , Web, Mobile and  Embedded . Technology areas includes the latest IoT , AI and Cloud.
Number of Customers
More than 5000 + customers from different market segments all over the world including US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Greece, India etc.
Number of Products in the Market
20 + , some of the products incorporates our own Patent Pending Technologies.

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