Company site with Career Portal
Description: The objective of this project was to develop a company site with basic company details pages and a backend to manage the Career portals. 
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET | ASP.NET | HTML | CSS | Boostrap | jQuery | MySQL
Client: Customer From India
Remarks:  Year 2018 - Present .
Web Based Online Assessment Exam System
Description: This tool was developed to evaluate the candidate for his behavioral skills as well as reasoning skills before he hired for a particular Job. The system provide options for organization registration , purchase of credits through Paypal and Stripe, managing candidates etc. The submitted Exam results by the candidate were later used to generate PDF reports that will be E Mailed to the HR . We are responsible for the end to end development of the system based on the customer requirements. The system was deployed successfully with a large number of customer base in Australia and Singapore.    
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET , ASP.NET, MySQL , .Net Framework 4.6 , VSTO , MS Office API , PDF
Client: Australia and Singapore Based Company specialized HR Related Business .
Remarks:  Year 2015 - Present
Print To SMS | Web Based Subscription System To Manage Customers
Description: This web application was developed to manage the customers who had subscribed to Print To SMS Billing system. The system sends Point of Sales Bills as SMS and the customer can subscribe to the system . Payments are done using Paypal for International customers and PayUMoney for Indian customers.
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET | ASP.NET | Web Services | HTTP | SOAP | C++ | VC++ | WDK | Virtual Printer Driver | Plivo SMS API | KAP SMS 
Client: Customer From India
Remarks:  Year 2017 - Present .
E Commerce Payment Gateway System
Description:  Developed a framework to manage different payment gateways like Paypal , Stripe , PayUMoney , Razorpay etc. The framework can be easily integrated any type of ASP.NET systems with minimal effort.   
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET , ASP.NET 4.6, .NET Framework , MS Access | SQL Server | MySQL
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2017 -Present
Restaurant Directory Listing Project
Description: This Web Application is used manage the listing of restaurants and related information’s.
Tools and Technologies: PHP, MySQL|LAMP
Client: US US Based client
Remarks:  Year 2008 -2009
Web based Face Recognition Software.
Description: This tool was used for monitoring the persons who enrolled in the system. The system also identifies new faces and stores in the system automatically. A very handy tool, which can be used in public places to identify the persons passing by, thereby helping the authorities to take charge of the situation accordingly.
Tools and Technologies: ASP.NET, AJAX, Mobile Web, VC#.NET, MDI Window, Verilook Surveillance SDK, Neural Networks, Inno Setup. Sun Virtual Box, WindowsXP/ Windows 7
Client: UK Based Company specialized Video Surveillance Systems.
Remarks:  Year 2010 - 2015
WebCloud: Web Based Multipurpose Business Application Platform
Description: A web based product developed by KTS Infotech to manage different business and operational aspects of an organization easily and effectively. The business aspects include Website | Web Content Management System (CMS), E Commerce system, SEO Optimization, HR and Payroll , Support Char System, Project Management System, Defect Tracking System, Employee TimeTracker and Timesheet Generator, Custom Feedback Forms, Candidate Online Assessment Exam , Forums, Blogs , Newsletter , News Paper , Online Polls, Mobile App, Online Cloud Data Backup, AWS|Azure Integration ,  Third Party application integration  and much more. The product has provisions to manage the web contents, menus, change header and footer layouts, banners, SEO options, Changing Master page layouts and themes, E Mail support, Web link alias options, MSAccess | SQL Server | MySQL Database support, Plug-in Support to extend the functionality, etc. All our company sites and product sites are powered by this Application KTS WebCloud and the  Product now has a large customer base in India.
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET ASP.NET 4.6, VS 2015, MS Access| SQL Server |MySQL, ADO.NET, ODBC, SignalR, Master Page , Win Frorms, Java|Andriod , Boostrap|HTML5|jQuery .
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2007 - Present: One of the best case studies for the Architectural elegance and extensibility feature of our own product. Visit for more details
Web based Traffic Video Management System
Description:  Developed a web based traffic management system for controlling and viewing of videos from all the traffic video devices. The network management system uses XML to exchange control information like pan, tilt, zoom etc to the cameras. The backend of the system comprises of a number of windows services, which co-ordinates in a distributed environment to communicate to different traffic video devices using HTTP /XML transport protocol.
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET ASP.NET 2.0, VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, HTTP|XML|SOAP, Web services, Windows Services, ActiveX, COM, VC++
Client: US Based client specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Remarks:  Year 2007 -2010
CampusMate + : College Automation System
Description: The web based Campus Automation  ERP Solution  Modules includes office module, library module, admission module , Time Table Modules, Exam Module etc.
Tools and Technologies: VS.NET 2015, C#.NET, ASP.NET|MVC , Boostrap, jQuery , SQL Server , .NET Framework 4.6
Client: One of the Oldest College in India
Remarks:  Year 2016 -Present
Web control Panel for Digital Notice Board
Description: A digital notice board is similar to the notice board (which is commonly seen in almost all organization’s building wall) except that this is an electronic version of the notice board and the contents can be updated remotely from anywhere in the internet without reaching to the device physically. This means instead of displaying the contents in paper fixed in notice boards, this will display the contents in an LCD or other similar technology monitors, which can mount on the wall. This patent pending paperless version of the notice board can be used by any organization, which needs to display and update the contents in the notice boards easily.
Tools and Technologies: VS 2015, VC#. NET, VC++, ActiveX, COM, DirectX, SQL Server, HTTP, XML Serialization, ASP.NET, Web Services, Website Template, Video Streaming, Inno setup.
Client: KTS Infotech
Remarks:  Year 2009 –Present . Visit for more details. 
KTS InfoTech Web site
Description: KTS InfoTech Company Web site developed using Our Own product KTS WebCloud. The site uses more than 60 % features of the product.
Tools and Technologies: VS 2015, VC#. NET, ASP.NET , MS Access
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2007 -Present . We try our product for our own task before we present it to our customer . Visit to see how the site looks like.
All In One Place Web Site
Description: A web site which will give you information regarding most frequent information like Popular hotels, popular news channel sites, Frequently asked questions like C++ FAQ, Java FAQ etc. Site also equipped with so many banner settings like to show custom banners. This site is alseo powered using KTS WebCloud.
Tools and Technologies: ASP.NET, C#.NET , MS Access, Master Page, FAQ Plugin
Client: Client from India
Remarks:  Year 2007 -2008 visit for more details.
TektTips : Free Online Articles and Discussion Platform
Description: This site is also powered by KTS WebCloud which is used as an Online Article, Discussion Forum , Online Exam , Video Tutorials  Portals. 
Tools and Technologies: ASP.NET, C#.NET , MySQL , .NET Framework 4.6 VS 2015
Client: Customer From India
Remarks:  Year 2012 -Present . Visit for more details 

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