SalesMate + POS Software
Manage the day-to-day activities of your Sales at your fingertips using our new generation software Salesmate +, an ultimate, general purpose inexpensive Point Of Sale Software. This Point of Sale package is designed specially for independent, single-store retailers / wholesale shops. More Info

Evaluation version of the software will run for 60 days. After the evaluation period, some of the functionality will get disabled. You need to Purchase ( Register ) the software to make it fully functional. Once you purchased the software we will send you the registration name and key which will make the software fully functional after the evaluation period.

Cost of the software is 220 USD. Purchase the software from the appropriate link below.

Main Features

This easy to use POS software enables you to:
Configure the system using the powerful easy to use Setup wizards
 Automates sales transaction processing and service transaction start-to-finish.
Streamline inventory management and reporting.
 Track customer information and maintain detailed customer histories.
 Generate reports at the click of a mouse button.
Track accounts and generate sales tax and other related information for VAT|GST e–Filing. *
Seamlessly integrate the POS hardware to the system.
Automatically take the backup of the data.
Customize the Screen and Keyboard shortcuts to suit your needs.
Extend SalesMate + features using various in house and third party Plugins.

 And above all
» SalesMate + Starter Edition is Free .
» We charge only for Support and Enterprise versions of this software.

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