XML based Network Management System Framework for controlling Traffic Video Devices.
Description: Developed an XML based Network Management System for Managing different types of traffic devices. The devices include video cameras, various encoders, video wall, video switch, Vehicle Identification Systems etc.
The network management system uses HTTP/XML as the transport protocol to exchange control information like pan, tilt, zoom etc to the cameras. The backend of the system comprises of a number of windows services, which co-ordinates in a distributed environment to communicate with different traffic video devices. The system is designed to accommodate any number of traffic devices using the hierarchical arrangement of traffic devices with client-server as well as peer – peer-networking technologies.
The core Framework consists of around 8 Windows services, ActiveX Video viewer components, Video wall Applications, different encoder and camera components, different configuration window applications, device driver components, Linux based encoders, Web services, ASP.NET based control panel, Vehicle Identification Systems, etc.
The framework uses a pluggable architecture designed specifically to accommodate any number of traffic devices in the future. Presently the traffic management system deployed in the filed manages more than 2000 traffic devices effectively.
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET ASP.NET 2.0, VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, Web services, Windows Services, ActiveX, ATL, COM, VC++, Hikvision Encoder Cards, Osprey Encoder card, Vbrick Encoder, Digital River Encoder card, H 264, MPEG2, MPEG4,WMV, Device Drivers, Serial Port PTZ Controllers, IP Cameras (Pleco, Bosch, Cohu, Hikvision) , SNMP, XML, SOAP, HTTP, Neural Networks.
Client: US Based Company specialized in in Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Remarks:  Year 2007 -2009 | 125 Man Weeks 
CampusMate + Campus Management System ERP Framework
Description:  CampusMate + is a software package developed to manage the day-to-day activities of educational institutions. Some of the user aspect as well as the engineering aspects of the package are given below.

User Aspects

•Configure the system using the powerful easy to use Setup wizards.
•Streamline all the activities of the college and reporting.
•Store and retrieve all the relevant data related to student and staff.
•Track each students and staff activity and maintain detailed person histories.
•Generate various types of reports / custom reports at the click of a mouse button.
•Interact with the system from any-where any time using the Mobile as well as web-based interfaces.
•Group the users based on the system security rights like administrator, student, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, library staff etc.
• Has built-in database back up or restore facility for safety and reliability.

Engineering Aspects

• Designed from Ground up using proven Software Product Engineering Practices.
• Truly Extendable Architecture based on Plug-in Frameworks | MVC
• Developed using World class Tools & Technologies like C#.NET | ASP.NET | MVC,Boostrap|jQuery, SQL Server ,  , VC++|COM etc
• CampusMate + package ships with powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be used for developing your own custom modules as Add-ons.

Tools and Technologies: VS.NET 2015, C#. NET, .NET Framework 4.6, ADO.NET, SQL Server , Stored Procedures, SMTP, POP3, Multithreading, Web Services, Inno setup.
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2014 - 2017 | 200 Man Weeks, The base ERP Framework was used to customize the flow in different Colleges in India .  Vist: www.ktsinfotech.com for more details.

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