Device Driver | Printer Driver Adapter   
Description:  Developed a Unidriver based Printer driver that can send the Print Data to a remote Printer controller Server located in another network or in the same premises. The software solutions consists of the Virtaul Pinter Driver , a Client Notification App , Server App module to integrate with the Host controller. 
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++ | MFC| WDK | Unidriver | TCP/IP | Windows Sockets
Client: UK based company specialized in Bulk Label Printing Technology Solutions
Remarks:  Year 2018 - Present
Simulation | Application to Simulate New Photonic Experiments  
Description: The Aim of simulation application was to study about the interaction of light with matter based on the varying electric and magnetic fields. This area of research is still in its infant stage  which necessitates the needs for cost effective experiments especially with computer. As of now a simulation framework was developed  by which the researcher can add his own modules to study about the behavior.
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++ | MFC | OpenGL | OpenMP | OpenCL | GPU | Physics | Electronics | Electromagnetic Optics | Mathematics | 3D Geometry | Windows
Client: A Popular University Department In India.
Remarks:  Year 2017 - Present
Structural Engineering Calculation Software  
Description: Developed structural Engineering calculation software that were used to generate reports based on various connector joints in different parts of the building. The input for the software were given from the Tekla Structural Engineering Software using a Plugin which then exports the data to the developed software . The software then generates US Standards based Engineering calculation reports for various connector joints like sheer plate , double angles etc. 
Tools and Technologies:  C++ | Linux | PHP | MySQL | Shell Script | AWS | Netbeans IDE | Civil Engineering | Structural Engineering | Structural Analysis | Steel Structures .
Client: US Based company specialized in Structural Engineering
Remarks:  Year 2016 - Present
Hand held Device Application to take Readings
Description:  Developed software a hand held device application to take readings various wood Industry parameters like moisture contents.   
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++, RS 232, Serial Port , Windows CE , ActiveSync , Windows 7 | Windows 10
Client: US Based client specialized in Measuring Instruments.
Remarks:  Year 2016-2017
HTTP Network Packet Filter and Injector
Description: The aim of the Project is to develop a HTTP Network packet filter driver which can inspect the packets and then forward the packets it a remote location for analysis and can also inject scripts into packets which can display whether it contains any malicious links , other status etc.  The system also have the provision to block certain sites from accessing within the Organization.  
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++ | WDK | WFP | C#.NET | ASP.NET
Client: US Based client specialized in Content Filtering | Security Industry.
Remarks:  Year 2015 - 2016
Raspberry PI based Digital Signage Player  
Description: This product was developed as part of KTS InfoMate | Digital Signage Software Infrastructure using Raspberry PI as Raspberry PI is one of the low cost boards which can be used for common Digital Signage Scenarios.
Tools and Technologies:  C++ | QT C++ | PHP | Embedded Linux | Raspberry PI.
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2014
Monolithic PDF Virtual Printer Driver
Description:  Developed a monolithic PDF virtual printer driver to output the document content as a PDF document. The driver can also redirect the PDF Document to another printer driver already installed
Tools and Technologies: VC++, DDK, MFC, Ghost script, Inno Setup
Client: German based company specialized in Printing Technology Solutions
Remarks:  Year 2010
NDIS Packet Capture Driver
Description: Developed an NDIS packet capture driver to analyze the packets flowing across the network. The captured packet can be received in an application program through API’s exposed.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, DDK , MFC, Winsock
Client: A Client Based in India.
Remarks:  Year 2004
USB based Game Controller
Description: Developed a Serial Port based USB/Serial Port game controller which can be used to control the game commands from Joystick, other peripheral devices etc.
Tools and Technologies:  VC++, RS 232, USB, MFC .
Client: US Based company specialized in Gaming Technology
Remarks:  Year 2008
Serial Port based PTZ Camera Controller
Description:  Developed a serial port based PTZ camera controller component to control the camera commands such as Pan, Tilt, Zoom. Currently 3 separate components developed to control Bosch, Pelco and Cohu camera PTZ commands.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, RS 232, Serial Port, HTTP, XML
Client: US Based client specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Remarks:  Year 2008-2010
Windows CE File Transfer Component
Description: Developed a component to transfer files from Desktop to Windows CE based devices using RAPI and ActiveSync.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, MFC, COM, ATL, Embedded VC++, RAPI, ActiveSync.
Client: A client based in India
Remarks:  Year 2003
Pattern Tool for Vehicle Hardware Testing
Description: This tool was used generate patterns to test engine parameters. The generated pattern will be send to the microcontroller of the Vehicle engine box through serial port for testing the output parameters like engine speed, torque etc.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, MFC, RS 232, CAN Protocol
Client: German based company specialized in Automotive systems manufacturing.
Remarks:  Year 2008
PC Based Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)
Description: Developed a PC Based Cathode Ray Oscilloscope for seeing the signal waveforms form the devices. The device signal inputs through the parallel port of the PC from the signal hardware. The input signal is processed and calibrated and output to the computer screen so that user can visualize the waveform patterns.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, Parallel Port, Data acquisition Hardware, A/D converter, MFC, ATL.
Client: A Popular College in India
Remarks:  Year 2004
Vbrick Encoder Streaming Component  
Description: Developed a vBrick encoder streaming client component which can be used for streaming MPEG2 videos.
Tools and Technologies: VC#.NET, Windows Media Player, MPEG2 Filter
Client: US Based client specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Remarks:  Year 2008

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