IoT | Building Automation System
Description: This system as a whole is used to Manage the devices in a Building. We are responsible for the PBX device part which includes monitoring , controlling and updating the device status to the cloud. The system also has other modules like Digital Signage which depending upon the signal received form other other modules will trigger that part of signage display to show display the video feed. 
Tools and Technologies: C++ | MQTT | VC++ | ATL| COM |Windows Service | PBX | Linux | Cloud | IoT
Client: Customer from Saudi Arabia who is specialized in Building Automation System.
Remarks:  Year 2017 - Present . 
IoT | Fan Controlling System  
Description: Developed a Raspberry PI based Fan Controlling module that can be controlled from the Cloud and can be used as part of a Hotel automation system. Our scope of work is first to show a POC concept using a Toy Fan , Raspberry PI, GPIO and associated electronic circuitry which can later be extended with much more sophisticated electronic addon boards like Gertboard to drive much more powered systems.  
Tools and Technologies: C++, QT C++ , MQTT , Raspberry PI, GPIO, IoT , Cloud ,  Electronics , Gertboard, C#.NET, ASP.NET ,Web Services,
Client: Customer from India who is specialized in Hospitality Management System.
Remarks:  Year 2018 - Present
Blockhain  | Distributed Patient Record System Framework
Description: The main idea behind the system is to develop a blockchain based distributed patient recording system so that it can be available across the hospitals to track the treatment that has undergone by the patient in a particular hospital. The system will be provided with the set of Web Service APIs as the front end where it can query for patient information located in the Blockchain based backend system. This type of systems also have applications in Medical Insurance systems as well as they can verify the patient records for authenticity.      
Tools and Technologies: C++ | Blockchain | Ethreum | C#.NET | ASP.NET | Web Services
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2018 - Present .  This is an R&D project work started as part of the new technology initiative in the company .  
FinTipOffers | Location based Message Alerting Platform   
Description: This is one of our Latest Product initially released in early 2017 which is  used to send alerts | Posh Notifications on the mobile to subscribers from a specific area.
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET | ASP.NET| QT C++| XML|SOAP| SignalR | Google API | IoT | Cloud | Azure IoT Hub
Client: UK KTS Infotech .
Remarks:  Year 2016 - Present . Watch the Video è . Visit for more details.
AI | KTS FaceTracker | Face Recognition SDK  
Description: Developed a Face recognition Software development Kit (SDK)  that can be incorporated in various application to develop solutions faster. The applications basically contains a Web Service APIs by which you can upload faces of images from any types of devices including Mobile , PC , Tablet etc to the cloud and will return the identified faces
Tools and Technologies: C++, C#.NET , ASP.NET , Web Services, Cloud , AI, Neural networks, Machine Learning, OpenCV ,  EmguCV , OpenMP | GPU ,
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2014 - Present Watch Video for more details.
IoT | KTS InfoMate | Digital Signage Software Infrastructure
Description: This is Our own Product used to manage and control Digital Signage Devices form a Centralized Location. The software can be installed locally as well as in the Cloud and it caters to a wide variety of customers including Hospitals, schools , Colleges, or any organization which needs display digital contents and needs to be controlled form a remote place. The software has several modules including Digital Signage Player (Runs in Windows | Linux | Android | Raspberry PI ) , Management Application and Content Management System (windows) , and Operator Interface (Windows | Android) , Device Monitoring Module , Local Video Display etc. You can get more details form the above product link . In short this product has modules in PC | Web | Mobile | Embedded Platforms and it is engineered to work in both in the local premises and in the cloud.
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++ | ActiveX| C#.NET | ASP.NET | SignalR | Java | Android |QT C++ | Raspberry PI | PHP | HTTP | XML | SOAP | Azure | AWS
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  2008 – Till Now Visit   
IoT | XML based Network Management System Framework for controlling Traffic Video Devices  
Description: Developed an XML based Network Management System for Managing different types of traffic devices. The devices include video cameras, various encoders, video wall, video switch, Vehicle Identification Systems etc.

The network management system uses HTTP/XML as the transport protocol to exchange control information like pan, tilt, zoom etc to the cameras. The backend of the system comprises of a number of windows services, which co-ordinates in a distributed environment to communicate with different traffic video devices. The system is designed to accommodate any number of traffic devices using the hierarchical arrangement of traffic devices with client-server as well as peer – peer-networking technologies.

The core Framework consists of around 8 Windows services, ActiveX Video viewer components, Video wall Applications, different encoder and camera components, different configuration window applications, device driver components, Linux based encoders, Web services, ASP.NET based control panel, Vehicle Identification Systems, etc.

The framework uses a pluggable architecture designed specifically to accommodate any number of traffic devices in the future. Presently the traffic management system deployed in the filed manages more than 2000 traffic devices effectively.
Tools and Technologies: C#.NET ASP.NET 2.0, VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, Web services, Windows Services, ActiveX, ATL, COM, VC++, Hikvision Encoder Cards, Osprey Encoder card, Vbrick Encoder, Digital River Encoder card, H 264, MPEG2, MPEG4,WMV, Device Drivers, Serial Port PTZ Controllers, IP Cameras (Pleco, Bosch, Cohu, Hikvision) , SNMP, XML, SOAP, HTTP, Neural Networks.
Client: US Based client specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Remarks:  Year 2007 - 2009 | 125 Man Weeks
AI | Vehicle Identification System.
Description: The aim of the project was to identify the type of vehicles form a video source located at the traffic video lane. The application used Neural Network methods like pack propagation algorithm using 2-layer neural network, to train and identify the set of vehicles from a live video source.
Tools and Technologies: VS 2005, VC#.NET , DirectX, Video Source Framework, Neural Network, Back Propagation Algorithm, Aforge.NET
Client: US Based client specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Remarks:  Year 2009
IoT | Cloud Based Monitoring System to Monitor and Control Status of Various Devices
Description: This system was developed to display status of Various devices and applications running on Android, Raspberry PI , Desktop in the Cloud.
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++ | QT C++ | C#.NET | ASP.NET | SignalR | Java | Android | Raspberry PI| PHP | JSON|REST | Windows | Linux| Android | Raspberry PI
Client: UK Based client specialized in IoT and AI | Biometric applications
Remarks:  Year 2010 - 2013
AI | Face Recognition and Facial Expression System  
Description: The aim of this project was to develop a face recognition and a Facial expression system to monitor the persons passing by who is enrolled in the system. The system also identifies new faces and stores in the system automatically. A very handy tool, which can be used in public places to identify the persons passing by, thereby helping the authorities to take charge of the situation accordingly.
Tools and Technologies: VC#.NET, MDI Window, ASP.NET, AJAX, Mobile Web, Verilook Surveillance SDK, Neural Networks, Inno Setup. Sun Virtual Box, WindowsXP/ Windows 7.
Client: UK Based Company specialized Video Surveillance Systems.
Remarks:  Year 2010 - 2014
AI | Number Plate Identification and Parking System  
Description: This system was developed to identify vehicle number plates , verify the number in the database and then Open the barrier so that vehicles can park in the vacant slots. The system was deployed in some of the very busy Airports in the UK.
Tools and Technologies: C++ | C#.NET | AI | LPR | OCR | Skidata | Avigilon HD Camera
Client: UK Based client specialized in IoT and AI | Biometric applications
Remarks:  Year 2010 - 2013
AI | Tic-Tac -Toe Game
Description: Developed a Tic - Tac - Toe game, which can be used to play the game between Human and Computer. The game uses alpha beta pruning algorithm to generate the moves in the computer.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, MFC,GDI, Windows Sockets, MS Access, ADO, Alpha- Beta Pruning.
Client: One of the Popular College In India
Remarks:  Year 2010

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