FinTipOffers | Location Based Message Alerting Mobile App  
Description:  FinTipOffers or Finger Tip Offers is an offer alerting Technology, that will help you to find the latest Shop offers , Job Offers, Other Offers, news etc in your Home Town or District. Wtach the Video from the link for more details
Tools and Technologies: Java | Android, C#.NET | ASP.NET | SignalR | XML|Web Services.
Client: KTS InfoTech
KTS InfoMate | Operator Interface Mobile App  
Description: Developed a Mobile App to manage the Digital Sigange Devices. This Mobile app works as part of KTS InfoMate | Digital Signage Software  and is used for controlling all Digital Signage Devices from the comfort of Administrator Mobile Phone.
Tools and Technologies: Java | Android | ASP.NET | Web Services.
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2014 - Present
InfoPath Camera ActiveX Control  
Description:  Developed a camera ActiveX control which can be used form Microsoft InfoPath forms to caoture the Photo of the Person and Place it in the appropriate area in the form.
Tools and Technologies: C++ | VC++ | MFC| ATL | COM | ActiveX | InfoPath Forms
Client: US Customers specialized in Custom IT Solutions.  
Remarks:  Year 2014 . Present
Parking System | Operator Interface Mobile App
Description: Developed an android based Mobile to Manage the Parking System. The Mobile app were primarily used by the Operators who are out of station and want to resolve the issue when a warning is raided by the system.
Tools and Technologies:  Java | Android | C#.NET | ASP.NET | Web Services | AI | Pattern Recognition | Neural Networks
Client: UK Customer Specialized in Parking and License Plate Recognition Systems
Remarks:  Year 2010 - 2014
MoneyCare + for Android Mobile  
Description:  The project aimed at developing the mobile version of the Famous product MoneyCare +. In addition to the normal features of MoneyCare + like add/edit income and expenses, the mobile version of this product has provisions for uploading all the data's to the KTS Web site using Web Service which can later be downloaded to the Mobile device on a need basis. The product runs on most of the Android Phone|Devices .
Tools and Technologies: Java | Android, XML|Web Services.
Client: KTS InfoTech
NetMap ActiveX control
Description: Developed an ActiveX control to graphically represent IP devices in a network.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, ActiveX, COM, ATL, MFC.
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2004
Hikvision Video Viewer ActiveX control
Description: Developed an ActiveX control to view videos from Hikvision based encoders.
Tools and Technologies:  VC++, MFC, ATL, COM, ActiveX control, Hikvision SDK, Twete Secury Signing Certificate.
Client: US Based client specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Remarks:  Year 2008
NetPlayer ActiveX Chat Control
Description:  Developed a Chess Game ActiveX control which will also show the chess board and all its associated components in addition to the chat facility. This component was done as a part of Netplayer Project.
Tools and Technologies: VC++, MFC, ATL,COM, ActiveX control
Client: Customer From India
Remarks:  Year 2003
Network Subnet Device Viewer Java Applet  
Description: Developed the Java Applet version of the NetHelper ActiveX control so as to view all the subnet devices on the network. The applet can be loaded in a web page which supports the Java Runtime.
Tools and Technologies: J2EE, Swing, Java Applet
Client: KTS InfoTech
Remarks:  Year 2004

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