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KTS WebCloud is an Online Software Technology solution to arrange and access all your organizations important information from one place using our cloud based software technology infrastructure. This software infrastructure allows any organization to build their own private online storage infrastructure and other modules like TimeTracking | Defect tracking | Online Exam| HR | Payroll , CMS | Blog | Forums | News | Articles Online Polls | Dynamic feedback Forms|  SEO | ECommerce etc, at fraction of the cost compared to any other online cloud services offered by any other Vendor. As the organization is deploying this service in their own servers or on in servers dedicated for their purpose, information security is automatically taken care of and controlled by your network administrator itself.

Currently the software infrastructure ships with all the important features such as..

1. Automatically backup/restore files to/ from the Cloud to your PC.
2. E Commerce | Payment Gateway | License System
3. Basic Web Content Management System, to manage the companies web site | SEO | Social Media Integration.
4. Online Exam | Survey | Dynamic Application Form System.
5. Project Management | Time Tracker | Defect Tracker | Forum | Other HR Utilities
6. Support Chat System
7. Mobile Applications

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